Liver Problem - What To Eat


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That's a liver problem. You gotta eat some lemon with your butter. Don't eat much cream for a while. Minimize the consumption of avocados, eat more pineapple. 

Eating custard, pineapple with the coconut cream and all that other stuff. 


If you drink a lube formula, and you feel nauseous, should you not drink it or should just drink it anyway? 


Put more honey in it. If you're getting nauseous from a lube formula, you put more honey in it so it doesn't cause nausea or eat some cheese with it.  

Because it can be one of two things; that the liver is having a problem digesting it. the liver's gonna start throwing off poisons into the stomach, that causes nausea. Cheese will absorb it. Honey can circumvent that by giving the liver lots of enzymes to be able to break down the fats properly, so it doesn't have to throw off all the toxicity into the stomach. Two ways to do it, or you can do both. Eat more honey and cheese.  


Do you wanna make yourself throw up? 


Yeah, it's good to throw up if you want to get rid of those poisons quickly, you can do it. 

But you've lost a lot of butter, poor cows worked very hard to make it. 



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