Lipstick Made From Cockroaches







Your women are used to eating cockroaches anyway, cockroach guts, that's what all lipstick used to be made of up until 15 years ago.

Because it's hard to get meat, everything's getting lower, lower, the fish. We don't have the creatures we used to have, so you have to go to whatever's available. So, a lot of people are going to insects, but the cockroach has whites gut in it, it was the only thing that would adhere to skin. So, if you saw the lipstick factories, they had miles of trays upon trays, one top the other raising roaches.

So, they would kill somewhere around 60 million cockroaches a year for their fluid, and then they put dyes in it to make it color. That's what lipstick was made of, that was 60 to 70% of the ingredients of lipstick. Now it's all chemical.


We were better off with the roaches.



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