Ligaments Can Grow Back






aajonus past



You cut your ligament. What makes you think it wasn't gonna grow back?

Why do they have to sew that? It would grow back. If you're on this diet, it'll grow back. I ripped the tendons from here, you got a rope of them here and here just last March 5th. I ripped this one down here and this one up here.

Completely ripped them, ripped them off the bone, and they were bubbled up here in, and within a week they had grown back and attached. I still had a slight bit of pain there and I split the Tibia in two, and they said I would never walk again. I'd never be able to stand again, unless I had surgery.

And I didn't have any surgery. Leg doesn't stretch all the way completely yet, straighten, but still.

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