Lemon Vs Lime Juice








Remember lime juice is an antibacterial. Lemon is a fermentation; lemon juice helps break things down. Lime juice kills things.  

So, if you need to get rid of an infection, lime juice is the way to go. Lemon will not kill an infection; it'll increase detoxification and add to infection. 


What if you marinate in lime? 


You're destroying all the bacteria in the foods. Well, it's not good if you're eating that all the time.  

Well, with your infection here, it's probably good you're doing it all the time. You have enough bacteria already working for you, you need to lower yours. So, you're okay that way, but see, you're overweight and that's fine. 

People who are thin and children shouldn't be eating it all the time like that, and when you get thin you won't be able to eat it all the time. It'll be just the contrary to what you should have. 

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