Lemon Juice Eats Into The Stomach Lining






Yeah, I wanna know more specifically about putting meat in lemon juice, like chicken and fish or whatever.

I did some fish recently and I had it in for about 5 days. And when I ate it, I got horrible [unclear].

What's the difference between that kind of [unclear] and the high meat?

You know, I, I thought it would be OK. 


It may have been coincedental.


Would it have something to do with the lemon juice?


If you have too much lemon juice it's going to eat into your stomach mucus and if it starts eating into the stomach mucus and your mucus is very thin or short fibered, then it's going to cause burns of the stomach. 

The stomachs going to be going into a cramp

[Attendee #2]

Was it organic lemons?


I don't know, probably. 

[Attendee #2]

Because I found that I got a stomach ache when I didn't use organic lemons. 

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