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It's not a good idea. If you need something to help make laxative. Like the man who came here earlier who didn't even stay for anything other than just to thank me. His wife had been on diet for about 2 years.  

She's a person who couldn't even drink water. She started the diet. 

Now she's gained about 30 pounds, she was skin and bones, she was going to die. Now she's fine. He thought it was a crazy diet, but he didn't have any other choice, but to watch her go through it. After a year on the diet, he started experimenting. Now he's come to me as a client, but he was doing these other things. I told him the diet and he was doing his version of the diet because he knew better. 

So, I just had a consultation with him last week and I said, you don't do that. This is why you have to do this and that. So, he was giving me this resistance for about 15 minutes, and I just laid it out there, said, this is the way, just do it. See what happens. He came to tell me that all his problems disappeared in just a few days. 

But he was the one that has a lot of constipation problems. And I said, don't grind the flax seed, all of that garbage because it has phytic acid in it. It'll prevent you from absorbing your D vitamins. You go towards depression; you have anxiety attacks if you do that with flax seeds. He wanted to take chia seeds. 

Soak them in water for about 6 to 10 hours, they'll puff out with all this gelatin. Mix that with a lubrication formula or some cream. You want it to taste like a nice cereal? Add cream and honey.  

I said, never chop your seeds into hard substances because it takes hours for it to soften. So, it's gonna go into your intestines and start slashing into it then you're gonna up more constipated. If you want to take the flax seeds, they will also produce the same kind of mucus like gelatin, but not like the chia seeds and not as quick. Chia seeds are a very fine little seed that they feed birds, but you can find it in some health food stores. Very fine seed. 


You have to get it organic though? 


No, because it doesn't absorb, none of that absorbs. It takes a bird, a very hardy bird to digest it. 

[Attendee #2] 

Why take it? 


To help people who don't have good peristalsis and they don't have good E coli to cause bowel movements. So, it's just to help them move cause some people who don't have the bacteria, the E coli to produce enough fecal matter or enough bacteria to discharge, the toxins will stay and they're highly acrid, and they don't have enough mucus in that bowel cause they had too many colonics or enemas, the toxic substances that are in the bowel will irritate the intestinal walls and cause ulcerations and even more constipation, and then they'll get headaches, all kinds of problems.  

They'[re mean and nasty like the alligators from Texas that had no asshole I dunno, 

somebody gets those jokes. 

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