Last Time Aajonus Received Chemo





1968 was the last time I had any drugs. Last time I had the... my throat started closing off. I got a terrible sore throat in about 1972 and it came to the point I resisted it, but I was a fruitarian. So, I wasn't eating the fat or the fruits that I needed to repair.

So, I just got to a point where I couldn't breathe, so the neighbor called a doctor, a friend of mine and he came over and gave me a shot of penicillin, allergic to penicillin, but it's at least it opened my throat, you know. So, I had terrible reactions for months, but I didn't die because my throat was shut down nor did I ever have to have a trachea.

So, but I didn't know a good diet.


So, approximately 1970?


1972 was the last time I took any kind of medication.


So, from that point forward, whatever you've done lately- your diet is getting better, but it's still taking 30 years and more to process that toxicity...

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