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Well, as long as you're on a good diet, I've had many people do laser surgery. They heal three times faster than the average; they can go out in the sun in 10 days. Their eyes are completely healed in 10 days, so it's not a problem and they never use the antibiotics. I tell them not to tell the doctor they're not gonna use the antibiotics, accept the antibiotics, but do not put them in your eyes and do not take because that destroys the bacteria that can lead to chelating of the tissue.  

You have to understand that about 90% of the people who have LASIK surgery have difficulty and that's because they're using antibiotics, eye doesn't heal properly, so I don't mind LASIK surgery. 

It's going to take a long time to readjust cuz what happens is your cornea warps, whether it flattens or extends, that depends whether you have nearsightedness or farsightedness. So, cornea is warping. To be on this diet long enough and put enough egg white in your eye every day, and sometimes a tiny bit of butter with a drop of pineapple juice in it to rework the cornea will take years.  

So, when laser surgery can go on that, and if you're on a good diet, you're gonna heal properly. The first people that I suggested it's a good idea, I don't see her any harm in it. Nikki Ing, a Chinese lady, she did it when she was about 37, and that was in 1994 and Lewis Canjimmy did it in about 1992. Maybe it was earlier than that, aybe he did it in 1989. It was 1989 and their eyes are still in great condition. Haven't had to wear glasses anymore in that whole time. No wearing glasses anymore, no wearing contacts.  


How do you do the butter? I tried to put some in just a very thin film. 


You have to get the butter liquid. So, it has to be warm enough either in your hand or in a jar that's submersed in a tiny bit of hot water. It has to get a completely wet. Then you just take a little piece of pineapple and you squeeze one drop into it, into like a teaspoon of butter, and you mix that around while it's warm, and then you just tap it onto your little finger bottom, you hold down your eyelid, your lower one, you look up and you rub it along the white of the eye, and then you just roll it around so it gets everywhere and you wait 2, 3 minutes till the cloud goes away and that nutrifies the eye.  

And with the egg white, it only takes a minute to absorb the egg white protein. 

[Attendee #2] 

When I take my contacts out, I will just put in the egg white before bed. And then I noticed, I sleep through the night and my eyes are shut from the drying of the egg white.  


Isn't contact solution toxic? 


Yes, a lot of them contain thimerosal, which is liquid mercury. But they make it without it with glycerin. But there's nothing you can put on the eye, but aloe vera real aloe vera juice. So, you can put that in your eye and contact over that. 

The butter, you can't do cause it would create a film. Egg whites you can't do cuz it creates a film. But what I tell people to do is just take some distilled water and put a few grains of sea salt in it. So, you have a saline water and it's pure, there's nothing else in it. 

And if you're putting either aloe vera or egg white in your eye, or butter in your eye, you're coating it in and you're nurturing it. You don't need glycerin. 

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