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Because you've said that LA water's got something like 170 chemicals-


192 chemicals.

We're the highest in the world.


Because of that I'm looking at making sort of like a tank that's got clay on the bottom of it, cuz I wash my celery, I wash my dishes, wash my hands. Would that help if I run water into this tank where it's stored and it's got the clay in it to absorb the crap, then I use that for washing and stuff like that.

Would that actually help?


Well, I would say you put some coconut cream, as well as clay in it, it will be okay.


Like what percentage you think it would remove roughly? Would it remove half of the chemicals? Most of them?


You mean in the water?




Depends on how much clay? Let's say you had a 10 gallon tank and you put a cup of clay in there and half a cup of coconut cream, that would arrest all the poisons in that water.


Oh, really?

And f it doesn't have a top, will the chlorine vapors, will they come off too?


No, they're already arrested and transformed by the clay and the coconut cream.

Oh, and also two tablespoons of vinegar. Forgot about that. It will break down the chlorine quickly.


It's basically the same thing you put in a bath only bigger?


Yeah, except without the milk.

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