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So, my question is mangosteen has been recommended as a tumor killer. What are your thoughts on that?


Remember that a cancer cell is going to die when it's time to die. If you kill it early and you get rid of your cancer cells, what happens if you build a tumor with no cancer cells around to dissolve the dead cells?

It's my philosophy and my experience that you let the body dissolve the tumor when the body is ready. As long as you're feeding it properly, the body's going to do it at the time it's supposed.

Remember, that fluid that's in a cancer cell is the same kind of property as a virus. It is not alive, the fluid is not alive.

It's not a live serum like the blood, it is a solvent. It is a protein structure that disassembles tissue. So, it starts dissolving all the dead cells around and your body knows the timing, and if you do it too soon and you get some tumors later, where are your cancer cells gonna come from? You have a limited number of cancer cells.

Everybody has cancer. Everybody has cancer. It's just that when you have a concentration of a certain number of cancer cells is when the pharmaceutical says industry says, "Okay, we've gotta treat you because now you've got a damaging cancer", and then they'll make $80,000 every treatment. And that's what it's all about.

They want you to use their chemotherapy, their radiation machines. Anything that makes them money, has nothing to do with fact and health.


So, what about the mangosteen in general?


The mangosteen has the ability to be solvent reactive, but it just doesn't isolate it self to cancer cell.

So, if you have weak cells throughout the body and you start dissolving other weak cells, let's say it's in your brain. You'll lose a lot of brain cells, you'll lose a lot of liver cells and that may be something you can't afford to do at any particular time.

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