Kidneys Filter out Red Blood Cells, Protein Deficiency

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See, in your blood, your blood passes through the kidneys. When you need to lose water to warm the body, your body throws off water from the fluid systems in your body. The only thing that the kidneys do is filter out the red blood cells and they have a little ammonia to the blood. They filter out the red blood cells.

So, the urine is nothing other than the blood without all the red blood cells, it has some red blood cells in it, but 99% of the red blood cells are removed from the blood, and there's some ammonia put in it.

That's the only difference between blood and urine. So, if your blood's healthy, your urine's gonna be healthy and people who don't digest well and they drink and they have fluids that pass in, they pass those proteins into the bloodstream, then they're dumped into the urinary tract with the fluids, because the kidney's only responsible for removing the red blood cells, no other substances.

So, people lose a lot of nutrients in their urine and people who have a protein deficiency and drink a lot of water should be drinking their urine instead of drinking water.

I wait about six hours after my first meet meal if I feel protein deficient and I'm eating enough protein. So, I will do that twice a day, all the urine.

Now I don't drink water, so my urine is at the maximum 1/2 - 3/4 cup at a time.


Is it digestible?


Very digestible.


I mean taste wise.


When you do it a while, it tastes very good. It's like beer, you acquire a taste for it. Beer's not enjoyable when you first try it. The ammonias fine, just help you utilize your proteins better.


Or high meat.


Or high meat, you do one or the other.

That's up to you if you want to do it.

If you feel depressed, if you don't have enough energy, you're not producing hormones; you're lacking some proteins.





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