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If the kidney problems are from kidney stones that means collection of heavy metals in the kidney. And what happens the minerals that cause that kind of magnetic polarity, usually it starts off with little crystals and they'll sometimes make little rice shaped objects. And then as they attract together, they'll build into a larger stone.

What causes this is when you eat cooked food, you fractionate all the ionic bonds, so all the electrolytes and everything are disturbed. When you normally eat raw food you have conglomerative nutrients after everything passes through the intestinal attack tract and it's absorbed into the lymphatic system and into the lacteal system that leads to the lymphatic system.

It breaks the nutrients down and categorizes them into smorgasbords, so you have 93 to 117 nutrients in one group, and it's microscopic. And when the cell opens up, it gets a whole smorgasbord of nutrients. If you cook your foods, you fractionate that, if you eat salt, you fractionate that. So, each cell, when it eats, it may be getting 20, 32 nutrients, maximum 50 nutrients.

Every cell is being is getting deficiencies, every cell in your body is full of deficiencies. No wonder we only live half the age that other creatures live. Other creatures live 7 times the time it takes them to finish maturation, we should be living to 147 years old. If we made finished maturation at 21 years old, 147 years old, we're averaging 70 years.

That's half of what we're supposed to live. Why is that? Because every cell is getting deficient every time you eat cooked. foods.

Every time you eat salt, even if you're eating raw food, you eat salt, it causes a fractionation of those smorgasbords of nutrients. It breaks them up.

So, in that process of cooking where you have fractionated all those bonds, you have a lot of free radicals that are created. Free radicals are minerals that can be toxic when they're isolated and on their own: mercury, thallium, lead, zinc. Any of those metallic minerals become free radical, damage minerals. When they're in ionic and electrolyte bonds, it's all a uniform package that makes beneficial changes in the system, energy structure, everything.

When they're separated and free radical, they do damage. So, if they collect in the intestines, you'll form crystals in the intestines. That usually gets washed through the kidneys. When they collect in the kidneys, you'll have stones.

To keep from creating stones, vinegar is your best bet, raw and pasteurized apple cider vinegar. It helps break those up and dissolve them. Now, Lewis here came to me with a bladder stone problem, and when he had an ultrasound done, it showed lots of little particles, mineral crystals all around the one stone.

So, I gave him a flush of about half a cup of vinegar, half a cup of honey, and a couple of cups of sparkling mineral water, and about a half a cup of coconut cream mixed together.

Now, what it did was flushed off all those little crystals that were all around, which were gonna make that stone twice as big.

So, when he had the sonogram done, those were all gone. But when the magnetic force gets into a hard, large crystal or a stone, it's like a magnet, you can't pull it apart with anything natural. So, you've gotta go in and laser blast it or sonogram blast it out of the system.

The stone is so magnetically forced together that there's no nutrient that I found or combination of nutrients that can break it down.


So, do you recommend the laser?


Yeah, the laser to blast it to pieces.

Now I started growing a stone when I was 3 years old and it grew until I was 59 years old. It was the biggest stone they'd ever seen. It was this long and this big around, nobody had ever seen a stone stone that big. The urologist that I went to said, "Oh, normally it takes 5 to 10 minutes to break a stone down. That's the biggest I've ever seen. It's gonna probably take me 45 minutes".

Took him an hour and 45 minutes to blast that stone to pieces because when he got to the core of it, guess what it was? It was mercury from all of the vaccines and the tetanus shots that I had had had collected, and they hardened into a whole magnetic core and he couldn't break it up. He just kept blasting and blasting blasting.

They have a laser beam. I mean, if he misses, it cuts right through the bladder. So, he has gotta be very careful. So, the nurses says he was dripping wet dealing with that stone that I had had. Cause that's 5x larger than any stone they've ever seen, but it caused me problems from the day that I can remember.

I thought that I just had a deformed urethra that was very small because from time I can remember, it took me 2.5 - 3 minutes to start peeing and then a good two minutes to finish peeing. My mother used to slap me on the shoulder and back and say, "Hurry up. Nobody else takes this long to pee", but I had a stone in there at that age.

So, it had gone all the way up to 59 years old, and then I started having trouble peeing, unless I acted like a dog. So, I lifted my leg like this, the stone would shift over, so I could pee. Going into a toilet somewhere where I had to lift my leg here, had him come out here and lift my leg. So, I copied with the coyotes, becoming a dog.

And then one weekend, I went probably six months like that trying the vinegar to break it down, then it became very painful and at the head of the penis and the urethra where all the pain was, yet the stone was up in the bladder, but all the pain was down here.

So, it started on a Friday night. I didn't get to urologist until Monday morning, and let me tell you, I had a Monday morning cuz I was in pain. I mean, I kept the pain down with my pain formulas and all, but if I didn't keep on the pain formula every 5 hours, I was in excruciating pain.

So, I went to the urologist, he did the test, he did the ultrasound on there and saw this big, huge stone. And I have pictures of it cuz they put a scope up me when they went to blast it, and it's this gnarly, lumpy looking huge mass.


Sometimes you have to use a doctor?


Yeah, so I went up there and he blasted it to pieces and I've been peeing like a horse ever since, I can pee in seconds and finish in a half a minute.

Great when I've spent my whole life taking 3 - 5 minutes to pee.





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