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Do you recommend in the summertime be going off, like going down, in the wintertime going up? 


That's up to you. I say get your fat and keep it, don't get rid of it. But you know, I I go to Asia, I start doing actual physical stuff. Like I just got a swimming pool, I built a swimming pool, it's a shape of a mango and I have different levels on it. So, you can weigh in it, the deepest is 9 foot and I've got a diving board to dive into it.  

There's a stream where I put a dam in so it goes down and I had designed, they built it, a waterfall and I had all these mechanical things made for jets to run a Pelton wheel and I got a generator that's being made right now to create power.  

So, just with filling up my swimming pool that goes down into a fish pond and that goes into another fish pond, so I use all of that water multiple times.  

I have no filter on the swimming pool, so it's great algae, but because there's always new water flushing in, it doesn't get so green you can't see down in there. 

But still green, full of algae and algae eats metals. So, algae gets into the skin, eats the metals, and pulls em out. So, that's why I had that and eight days ago I was there swimming in my swimming pool for the first time. It was really good. Algae is wonderful.  

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What about drinking algae? 



[Attendee #2] 

What's the form of algae to drink?  


Well, algae isn't alive. It's just gonna pass through you like vegetable fiber. You're always thinking ahead, wait until I finish my sentence so everybody gets it. 

So algae, if you're eating it in powder form, is not going to be digested. Every time I check the feces of people who ate it, I always found 98% of it in the feces, only 2% seemed to be absorbed or was hiding in the feces where I couldn't detect it. Because when you test like that, you have to dissolve the feces in water, and then you have to, then you have to use something to separate the algae from it, a certain kind of filter, like a thousand micrometers to get whatever you want out of it. 

So, it's like mining for gold. It's stinking and messy, and you have to do it by hand. So, I always found 98%, it could have been 100%, but at the best it's 98%.  

But in chlorella, I found 7% was not found in the feces. So, what that means is if you're only eating a fraction, only have a little bit of chlorella. 

Don't have a teaspoon of it or something like that, have just a tiny amount, size of the bb. 

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Why is that?  


I just said, cause you won't just absorb it. Otherwise, it's waste, expensive waste. And when it's in dry form like that, you're not going to digest it anyway, so put it in your vegetable juice. When you make your vegetable juice, put a little bit in each vegetable juice, can it and let it sit. When you get to it, it will already be liquid. So, when you put it in the body, you'll be able to start breaking it down.  

When it's dry, the kind of bacteria we have: we're not cows, we're not pigs, we're not horses, we're not goats or sheep. They have the enzymes, which are highly fluid and they'll go into dried vegetation and break it down, we don't do that. That's why we don't handle vegetation raw.  

So, you drink vegetable juice. So, when you hydrate that chlorella, it's already starting to come alive again and the bacteria eats live things in our bodies. 





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