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What do you think about juicing, kale, juicing beets, beet greens, turnips, cabbage, asparagus? Cuz I know you you've talked in your book about some of the vegetables have almost medicinal qualities and you have a list of ones that should be approached with caution, adding them to your juice.

What dangers would I be, or what effects or betterments would I be getting on myself by overdosing on them.


Well, the problem with overdosing is it interferes with digestion and it could bring on a hell of detoxification.


You talked about beet juice?


Well, the beet juice is high in sugar, that alone could cause a carbohydrate detoxification, old toxic glycogen cause we store a lot of toxic glycogen in our bodies if we can't convert it properly because we don't make the proper insulin. It's not like the chemical insulin, like the pharmaceutical house has used, but it still will cause emotional and physical imbalances in sugar levels.

I'll use a lot more carrot these days to help get the bile out of the body, people who turn orange with the carrot juice, I used to think it was the carotene, also undigested carotene they weren't digesting properly, didn't have the bile to process it properly. But when I did skin scrapings on people who had it on the palms, they had all that very orangeish cast. I found there was a lot of toxic bile, it was not utilized properly and very little of it was from carotene.

So, that's how I discovered that the carrot juice and the carotene in the carrot juice helped remove toxic stored bile in the body and especially on yellow people like Asians. Like one girl that was here a little earlier at Eleena, when she went on this diet about three years ago, she was a normal Asian, very, very yellow from eating all of the rice that requires a lot of a lot of bile to break it down into a fat.

If you're on a diet that you're not eating fat, your body's gonna have to convert proteins and carbohydrates into acetates, which are fats. They're very poor fats. And in the Asians, the bile and the acetate mix together and lubricates their skin. So, they've got this very yellowish skin. Now in the last three years that she'd been on the diet, she's half as yellow as she used to be. In fact, her hands are now almost pink like mine, only the palms are still orangeish and yellow.

And I have quite a few Asian patients in Singapore who are on the diet and the same things happen to him. In fact, one, he looks like a white guy now, so he used to be very yellow.

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