Joint Replacement


joint replacement


red meat




Bone loss, that's what we want to know about. Bone loss in his hip from- the doctor said it's from chemotherapy.


Oh, so you've got a femur joint replacement?


He hasn't done it yet, that's what the doctor was saying. They even said it wasn't going to be effective, but it's the only thing that can help.


Okay, I have, even my father-

A year ago, September, I was in Florida. 

And I was doing a seminar in Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach and. 

I said, you know, I've never been here to Florida before, yet they have like 7 people in this room. 

They were all ages and their forts full of elderly people and I said how would you people find out about this diet?

Why are so many of you, you know, here?




And one man stood up and said I had a hip replacement and I was in pain for two years. 

And they replaced it again and they did all kinds of things and nothing could stop it. 

Drugs wouldn't stop it, nothing. Then he said, "I ate your meat for 10 days, *snap* raw meat 10 days and the pain was gone".


Oh my god!


Another guy stood up and said I had a knee replacement, same thing, he ate the raw meat, pain was gone *snap*.

These people have suffered for years with pain, raw meat, pain was gone.


But does it have to be raw red meat or chicken and fish?


It should be a combination. 

You have to understand that the bone marrow in the joint is is like butter.

But it is fed a lot by the red meat because the bone marrow breeds your red and white blood cells. So, for some reason red meat is still very important for the bone marrow.

And the bone area is usually pushing off the poisons to the joint, which is causing the pain. And when your body gets the proteins, they can bind with those poisons, and then they're not irritating the joint. 

So red meat in combination with-

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