Japan Eats Raw Meats









To any kind of nuclear fallout you have to do what the Japanese do. You eat lots of raw sushi or raw meats. It doesn't have to be fish, just raw meats and lots of raw foods. They eat a lot of raw foods. They'll even have orange with their their sashimi meals, slice of orange at the end in Japan. They have mostly raw food. They're the only country in the world that mostly eats raw foods, besides the Massai tribes, the Samburu, Fulani, and the Eskimo.

Of course, they're eating sprouts and they're eating seaweeds and stuff like that. They're very difficult to eat, but still they're not putting so much contamination in their body from cooked foods that allow those toxic substances to infiltrate and do damage in their body.

Even though not on the best diet like the Messai, the Samburu, Fulani and Eskimo used to be before they were ruined by Great Britain. And we've ruined Eskimos and Great Britain has ruined all of Africa and those s tribes.

So, the point is you can protect yourself more with the raw food. Cooking will damage you in more ways than one now that we have all this radioactive contamination.


With the Japanese, what are they doing besides the raw fish? Are they eating your seaweed product or is that contaminated there too?


Well, of course it's going be contaminated now, but Japanese are between a rock and a hard place. The US government's gonna destroy him them. They were coming out with a car that ran on water this year. It's been ruined. It's over. It's not happening. Tthey were purposely ruined because. That country will never survive now cause you can't stop the China syndrome. It's too late.

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