Is Urine Detoxing, Ammonia

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I'm wondering, like the clay, does it have a detoxifying effect on the body as well?


Well, no, it's mainly a recycling. It does have one element that's for detoxification, that's the ammonia. Ammonia is a good detoxifier.

Like after I got those forced injections, I went for shark and I couldn't cause it's high ammonia. Every day that a shark has been killed it doubles in ammonia, stingray does the same thing. So, I found a stingray, so I ate stingray for 24 hours. It was so much ammonia, and that Stingray was probably a day old already, and I had it. By the time I finished it, it was 36 hours old. So I was hallucinating. I was passing out, I was short of breath.

I had all kinds of problems from too much amonia, too much ammonia can kill you, but I needed to bind with those poisons quickly. So, I used ammonia for that purpose to bind with toxic metals and substances that were foreign to the body. So, I used it in that way and when you're having urine, you have a little bit of ammonia in it, so it can help detoxify, but mainly you're recycling all of your fats, proteins, and all the rich nutrients that are in the blood because the urine is nothing other than everything that's in the blood without all the red and white blood cells.


How do you get to that point of drinking it?


I did it when I was a vegetarian and I had to recycle my proteins cuz I got too skinny; skinnier and skinnier. I was almost evaporated. Somebody told me about India, they drink milk, but they're vegetarians, basically. And they drink their urine at least once a day to recycle those proteins that they don't get because they don't get because they don't eat meat.


I thought urine was very toxic though.


It's only as toxic as your diet.


But see, if we have a sad diet, then we're pretty toxic.




So, if we drank our urine, wouldn't that be counterproductive?


For some people it isn't. They don't get any protein unless they have it that way. In India, vegetarians, even though they are on cooked diets, at least the proteins will be recycled and utilized.

I wouldn't do it if I were a cooked food eater. I'd vomit from cooked food anyway. So, I can imagine what would happen if I drank my urine, recycled the cooked food product. Who knows what would happen.





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