Is Primal Diet Sustainable




cow diet



And eating because you need cows for milk and cream and you need animals for meat. I mean, do you think it's a sustainable as anything else?


Absolutely. Can you imagine, look at all the fields where they grow rice, two-thirds of Thailand and Asia and Cambodia and Thailand and Malaysian, Indonesia is rice patties.

When you take a cow, a cow can live off of the same land and feed more people, nourish them and make them healthier.






I didn't realize that.


Just figure this way. My family, my grandparents had a 55 acre farm, 40 milking cows, and about 200 sheep, about 1000 chickens, 4 Clydesdale horses, plus other horses, and grew corn on 35 acres. That fed all of those animals, all those animals all year round. So, there's a lot of propaganda out there about what is sustainable.

People are making arguments, they don't know anything about farming.

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