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He said that he wants to know if you write that the meat has starch. Is it possible that the nut formula is not necessary, except for extra starch and that if one eats enough meat, that they could even skip the nut formula, especially if it initiates a neurotoxical detox.


I'd have to eat it every day for like 10 days to cause that kinda detoxification in most people.


So, is it possible that he could eliminate the nut formula?


Yeah, I'd have to see him, I don't know him. If he's got some neurosis and he needs the nut formula.


What symptoms he wants to know. What symptoms would be apparent?


Anxiety. Well, not a detox, any kind of detox is going to create multiple symptoms, depending upon the individual. But if you wanna know if somebody needs the nut formula or if the starches in the meat will be enough. If you've got any anxiety, any paranoia, you need the nut formula, period.

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