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You have to experiment individually, like on how much meat?


Right. And how much is proper for your system. Now, if I were to do a consult with you and I can see your colon, I can tell you the likelihood of how much you would need and how long it would take your intestines to be clean enough to foster and nurture the E. coli on your own.


That was actually not my question. When you do your individual consultation, do you conduct different tests like blood work?


No, I do neurology, and then I check the glandular activity and the blood and everything on the hand. Similar to the Chinese method, but I have a developed my own because the degree Chinese method was built on the Ayurvedic system, which is prejudice toward yin and yang.

It's too narrow of an arena to be able to distinguish what I need to distinguish.


Cause you mentioned looking at the colon, how would you do that?


It's in the Iris.

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