The eye is a readout of the entire physical makeup of the body and there are locations for every gland and organ, particular locations for the autonomically nervous system, bones, skin, lymph system, everything is indicated in the iris and the two irises are different. The outside, the outer half, divide the eye in half, 12 - 6 O'clock. The outer half of each eye applies to the respective quadrant, outer quadrants of the body and the inner half applies to the opposite inner quadrants of the body, except in some engineers and almost all inventors. They're same brain ciders, so they don't divide and what I do is I go in there and look to see discolorations, if you have big white areas or big dark areas that shows scarring- scar tissue, possible tumors and discolorations can be plaquing on the outside. Particular areas where fibers are fractionated, divided, it's like pointless art. That shows that the poisons are going intracellular rather than extracellular. So, there's lots of things I look for. I can do into two hours or five hours on that to get specific. Basically, I can tell a lot that's going on in the body. 

Your MDs use x-rays. Basically, if it doesn't hit them in the face, they don't know what is happening in the body. With iridology I can tell early stages of development of just about anything.  

Well, most people when they come to see me, they're not happy when they leave because nobody's well. Most people think they're well, they're not well. There's damage, there's toxins in your body. So, if you don't want to know, don't come, but if you know, you know how to get rid of it quicker. 

Yes, cardiac arrest. Yes. I can see congestion around the heart. I saw- somebody came a couple of weeks ago, had five little bitty pea size what looks like tumors. So, I can't say the tumors because I'd be diagnosing, only the medical profession is allowed to. So, what I say is, this is what I see when people have been diagnosed by the medical profession with tumors and I find them in the heart. 

Three months. Well, I can see it within a month, but most people can't see until three months have passed. So, unless somebody's deathly ill, I say come back in a year and that way you can see big changes, and everybody's very happy about those changes, something they can see dramatically. If you come back in three months, you'll see the subtle changes, that can make you happy. 

But it's better to come back in a year unless you have cancer or something like that i like to see them every three months. 

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