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Environmental question or it's two of 'em actually, I'm having insulation done in my house and how should I do that? I know they have different materials and different stuff and I just wanted to know if you have any recommendations?


Old torn up jeans, literally. A lot of green communities are taking jeans that can't be resold and they're so to the point of wearing out and these secondhand stores don't sell them, they're throwing a massive amount of them away.

And these green community, like in Earth Haven in North Carolina are insulating with jeans and it works wonderfully. Also you could take straw and put that in there, but could be a fire hazard. Denim doesn't have the same fire burning ability to straw, but straw will.


So, obviously nobody here has any recommendations who I can go to for that?

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You just do a Google search for sustainable building, a lot of those things come up.


But a lot of that sustainable building stuff is really toxic stuff.

[Attendee #2]

If you go to Calpoly website, you'll see what professors have done on their own that are outside of the profession because they don't allow it, but there's articles, tons of articles you'll find.


Like I say, denim is the best. You can find natural straws that you could mix with clay and put it in there and that would keep do it from burning.


I need someone who's gonna do it too.


There's a lot of sustainable people in this town, which will come and do it to get the experience.

There's a fellow named Larry San Tori, I took his class on sustainable living and permaculture and he puts groups together who like to do things naturally and they'll do it on a weekend or a week and he gets volunteers to get involved in it, so they have their first hand use and he'll come in and it'll explain how it's done.

They'll charge a thousand dollars one day to tell you what to do, that's it.





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