Instincts Vs Eating Schedule


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The question over here was that if you just follow your instincts and eat what you want to eat, how well is the healing? I found it's about 30% to 50% only. If you address my particular structure of eating cycles Like schedule eating one and two on page 40 and 41 of the recipe book.

If you follow those, you will heal optimally and quickly. If you're just eating what you want when you want and not addressing the body's changes on the normal time schedule of the day, it's much harder on the body to do what you want to do taste wise. So if you follow the specific suggestions for the dietary plans that I have in the Recipe Book, you'll heal a lot quicker, about 50% or more quicker, and you'll stay more focused and clear of mind.

And in the workshop I gave everybody that people have attended, I lay out why you eat what and at what particular time. If we have time, I'll go over that at the end.

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