Instinctive Fruit Diet






And she went on the diet after she investigated, and researched it, but then she was on the diet for two years, doing very, very well. She's a very ultra skinny person. She got on some weight, and then she believed that that, instincto was more natural, and I said, but you're not in a natural environment.

It's too toxic to be in a natural instinctive diet, and also your instincts aren't true.

And she died a year after being on that diet. She got so skinny. She wasted away, and got fatigued and died.

Instincto is everything has to smell good for them to eat it. If it doesn't smell good, they won't eat it.

So, 60% of their diet is fruit. Tears the body to pieces.


What about fruitarians?


Their teeth are rotting away, their bones are disappearing. There are very few of them who do well beyond seven years.


They're so skinny,


And they're very overly emotional and they don't think very clearly.

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