Injections, Aajonus Not Digesting Well From Liver Damage




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So, as you can see, I've aged a lot in the last 1.5 years for those who remember, cuz of those injections.

Here are the scars of the injections, There's the holes like these, came out like I got shot by bullets.

I got two big ones here.

I lost probably about 3 inches of arm that I never had to work out to have. And now you can see that I've lost a lot of that muscle from this. When it first happened, this went down almost 3.5 inches.

I got the real skinny arm and a lot of the weight all around here trimmed off. So, I'm much smaller now and I'm never one to work out, so I'm building up slowly. But I was much thinner, I was about probably 15 pounds lighter than I am right now. That process, and you can see again this side too, all that muscle that's gone in the skin, but it was worse, 6 -7 months ago. It was 4 times this cause I'm building the muscle back again and the skin is not as relaxed as it was.


How much are you eating?


Well, I've got a problem. If I eat too much, I'll get diarrhea and it's not from anything in particular.

When I want to eat the things that I want to eat, like lots of butter, I don't digest it as well because there must be some liver damage from all of those injections.


You look skinny, you never look skinny.


Yeah. This is a small shirt and I used to wear mediums, now they're huge.

But, I'll put it back on. I've already put on about 12 pounds of it already. It's just a slow process and I feel it's getting near the end, almost all of it. The worst of it's over. So, I'm starting to gain more.

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