Hydrogen Peroxide


hydrogen peroxide





You were talking about ozonated water, but I know that you in your book you recommended hydrogen peroxide?


Don't do that anymore. Cause I thought that I was getting good results from it, but then they turned out negative. Another thing, you know, like the ozone, it looks good, but in the long run it doesn't.


Okay. So, you're differentiating the healing response or crisis from something that ultimately is?-

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What about other oxygen supplements?


I've experimented with about 10 of them, and none of them were good. And the one that I used, the liquid oxygen that I used is no longer on the market. It was so expensive with these new chemical mixtures that have chemical oxygen, which burn the system, just like hydrogen peroxide does in the high concentrations.

It threw 'em off the market, so they don't even make it anymore.

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