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Like I said, many times, all creatures live 7x the time it takes 'em to finish maturation.

So, for humans, we should be living to 147 years old, 147 years old. We're not even living half of that on the average, they're dying in their mid 60s when half of the life should be 75.


The Hunza's lived to be 150 I heard.


Some of them. So do some tribes in Philippines and Georgia, Russia.

National Geographic, I think it was either between February and June, 1971 did an article on Georgia Russians that lived, there was one couple that was together for 128 years. Hell, can you imagine being together with somebody 15 years, much less, 128 years, and still loving each other? I mean, that takes health. You have to be a healthy individual where you're not expecting your mate to make you happy and healthy. You know, we have all of our problems in relationships because we throw the responsibility for happiness and wellness off onto somebody else.

We say, you have to make me happy. You're responsible for making me happy and you're gonna have nothing but a bad relationship, period. You have to take the individual responsibility for your happiness and your wellbeing and share your happiness and wellbeing, then it's easy. Like those people in Georgia, Russia.

They interviewed a couple that was 128 years. They were together 132 years, so they were in their mid to late 140s and then there was a couple that were together between 92 and 98 years, been so long since I've read it. And then another couple that was together about 111 years and happy together, and they showed one guy out on a horse at 129 years old, out there on a horse, herding the cattle.


Do you think we'll live that long if we stay on the diet?


We were raised with too much toxicity. We could probably get to 110 - 120, I think. If nobody kidnap's you and injects you with crap or no bus hits you.

I remember I was at Stanford doing the British American Drama Academy and Richard Dreyfus was one of our professors and we were sitting down eating lunch one day and he says, "What if you get hit by a bus"?

And I said, "I'll die healthy", and he got it. He got it. He never said another thing, but he used to make a lot of fun of me eating that way.

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