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How long should I do the weight loss this time around, what's your estimate?  


Uh, let me punch in the stomach and see *laughs* 

It all depends. Usually, you go on the weight loss when you go a week with only losing a pound, and your body doesn't wanna lose anymore, and that's usually where you should stop.  

When you go a week and only lose a pound, then stop it.  


On the weight loss you're eating only eggs, meat and honey? 


You're having very little honey and very little fat, but in The Recipe Book, I have the weight loss program and, and it's mainly eggs and meat, basically just about it. And some juice and some people because you are eating very small amounts of meat during the day, like 1 to 2 to 3 golf ball sizes of meat, 3 or 4 times a day along with a little bit of butter or no butter, and then you're having some vegetable juice and you're eating raw eggs, it doesn't work for some people. 

It works for about 80% to 85% of the people. The people it doesn't work for need to eat about an egg every hour. Followed by a quarter of a teaspoon of honey butter mixture, equal portions of honey, butter. So, every hour and I guarantee you everybody loses weight with that one and have one meat meal a day, maybe a half a cup a day in the evening and a cup of milk before you go to sleep and a cup of milk at night, so you're relax and feel good. 

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