How To Regenerate




stem cells


bone marrow




That meat meal, grate some cheese and put that in the mixture right before you eat it.

There you'll provide a lot of minerals that that will attach to the lemon or citrus juice, whatever it.


If I understand this correctly, raw milk is the best substance to drink?


Correct. As long you have extra cream.


And that bone marrow is additionally efficient.


Bone marrow will do it even faster than that. Bone marrow is stem cell. It is all stem cell. That means the body can take a bone marrow cell and make a liver cell, a nerve cell, any cell in the body.

It's a transmogrification.


Where do you get it?


There's only one source we have here. It's very hard getting it. We should all applaud her.

She got the sources for glands, good organic buffalo glands, and the bone marrow.

If you want any of those to help get well faster, take her number after this and give her a call.


I wanna order the bone marrow after, cause she can't stand it at the same time because they have to let the animal hang for 10 days.

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