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Well, what do you do to regain energy, especially as you've just gotten off of a detox? Is there any quick way to regain strength and vitality?


I'm going to repeat the question. He's just come off of the detox, the losing of the weight. The point of that is you gain weight, absorbs the toxins, and then you dump the toxins with the weight, the fat that's absorbed those toxins. So, he's just come off of a weight reduction. You've lost about what 25 pounds, 20 pounds?


I would say I lost about 20.


He took off about 20 pounds, so he wants to know how he can get the energy back quicker. If you want quick energy, things that don't take a lot of time in digestion, eggs is the only thing. Eggs, they digest in about 27 minutes, 13 to 27 minutes. So, that protein, all that fat is readily available.

It only takes about three to five inches of the small intestine to absorb that. So, quick energy. If I'm getting a little sleepy or tired, I'll take just an egg and suck it down, and within 10, 15 minutes my mind is clear, gives a lot of energy.

Anytime you come off of a weight loss program you're going to have a little trouble digesting, cuz you're not used to digesting the complex foods. Especially meat, meat takes 19 to 22 hours to digest, even 24 hours to digest, so that's a little long. Milk relaxes the body, so that's not going to give you much energy. So, eating eggs, a lot of eggs will help propel it, but remember eating eggs alone causes massive weight loss.

So, you're gonna have to have maybe a tablespoon of lubrication formula with a little bit of cheese to give you minerals, 10 minutes later an egg, and you do that 45 minutes, you'll keep your energy level up and then have a big meat meal at night.

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