How To Prepare Organs


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How do you prepare your organs? Do you blenderize them?  


I just go right into them.  

[Attendee #2] 

There's recipes in the recipe book. 


Yeah. I have some recipes in the recipe book how you can eat them. I'm a very bland either. My mother rarely ever used seasoning. 

I was not developed with seasoning taste. In fact, they usually made me ill and I can't take many seasoning. So, I usually eat everything plain, even insects. So, you're asking me about seasoning. I used to be a gourmet chef. I would take 5 to 6 hours to make [French], which is a dish that you have to do all these many different steps and it takes the average person about 7 hours to make, I could do it in 5.5 hours cause I was pretty fast with it, but you have to wait till it cooks and you have to cook it in different stages with different foods to make it really nice. 

I mean, it was superb. 

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