How To Get Rid of X-Rays

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By you taking the butter and the cheese and the honey out/


She asked was the x-ray is harmful to me, and would it use up nutrients? Of course. That's why I didn't go back and I'm gonna wait till my leg completely heals before I do the other x-rays to show people how the leg can heal without medical help, but I'm gonna wait till the leg is completely healed because any x-ray slows healing. That's why I didn't want to have the x-ray, but the leg was in such bad shape, and I mean, it looked terrible. Knotted here. It looked like the leg has been completely twisted and broken. So, that's why I had the x-rays because I wanted it put back in place, but it was in place.


So, what do you just get rid of that x-ray poison?


I ate the avocado and orange together.


Oh, that's right.


To get rid of the radiation.

I didn't do that until after two weeks of eating the pineapple mixture. When I stopped eating the pineapple mixture, I started eating the avocado and orange together to get rid of the radiation, but I'm sure it slowed it down a bit, the healing process.





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