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To get off my medication and I've eaten only raw the last two years. In the last three months after finding your books, I've been eating raw meat, raw fish, etc. It's really helped me with social anxiety and everything just in that short amount of time. But when I've tried to get off [unclear] before I had a nervous breakdown and I mean, I think it was my adrenaline gland going.


Well, you have to understand, when you take any of those psychotropic drugs, there is an element purposely that they put in it for you to have withdrawal symptoms cause they want you to stay on them. In laboratory animals, it causes murder. They go around killing each other.

All of those high school killings, all of those kids had stop taking their meds anywhere from 7 to 12 days takes and it causes violent, antisocial behavior.

So, you have to understand that when you go off of those, you have to just take a chip every few days, just take a chip of it just to keep you from detoxifying it all at once. Just take a little chip.


And I mean, you've seen people who eat raw?


Completely off. I have one woman who was taking 27 psychotropic pills a day for 18 years. She went on Ripley's Believe it or not with me to show that eating the high meat makes you happy.

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