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It's my house, and I have to deal with your emotions. Help me help you. And that's what I tell all my parents.

I have parents that went through a heavy change with their children and every mother that's gotten their children to do it 25% within a year, they're 50% within another year, they're 75% because the kids naturally move toward them.

But you have to start them giving them one meal a day.

You think they're gonna go somewhere else rather than be with you over that?

But we're not talking about raw meat, we're talking about raw milkshakes.

Now I got all the evidence in the book prove that raw milk is a benefit, not a harm. Pasteurized milk is a harm.

As long as you force them to eat least one good raw meal a day with egg and cream, it will help them.

And you'll see, they'll adjust as you go along, then you can make meat too. Like most of the parents that I have, they force them to have the milkshake in the morning ana milkshake at night.

That is it. They have to do it. If they don't like it, they can go live in the street.

You can see the adjustment, it's a big difference.

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