How To Get Cream, Butter and Shipping

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Find somebody who will raise some cows or goats for you and take care of them.

She lives on an island in the far east, so she's concerned that she can't get butter and cream or milk.

You could make a big run to Paris like every three months and store up on butter, that's what a lot of my clients in London do, and in England. They go over to Paris and get 30 pounds of butter for three months.


Or sent from here. I live in London, I get mine sent. You can find someone willing to send it.


It isn't more expensive to fly from here than Paris to London?


I don't know, but I get various things sent the same time.


Paris has very good cuz most of their butter and cream comes from the surrounding farms way outside of Paris.

Some of those farmers that I dealt with when I was living in Paris, they traveled 250 miles to come to the farmer's markets in Paris. So, it was very good there, and also they now supply the health food stores throughout Paris, so you can get that there, but they will ship it from here.

I've got farmers that will ship to Aruba. Antigua, London.


Does the milk last?


No, the milk won't last, it'll be curdled by the time you get that, aut at least the butter and cream. But like I said, if you can make a connection in Paris, it'd be cheaper for them to send it for Paris than it would the States and probably get there better.

Aruba, that's way down there next to Venezuela. I have a product list, and you can go on Jim's website and get it.





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