How To Get A mattress









So, I wanna know where to get a mattress?


I had mine made. I went to this futon place and they manufacture them in San Francisco, just a futon place on La Brea and I said, I want you to get organic cotton and organic wool, weave it together like you normally do. I want an inch inch futon and plus I want all organic cotton material. And they said, "That we can't get", so I went to an organic cotton place that has heavy upholstery fabric, and I got a very fine corduroy material and I gave that to them and they set up in San Francisco made my two futons.

For my box spring I use an all natural rubber box spring. I don't use metal because I hear radio stations at night if I sleep on metal.


Where did you get the box from?


I had it made, but there are companies that make all natural mattresses, it's just all rubber. It's a tactical rubber latex mattress, and they have holes in it.

Laurie and I got one, one was for Laurie and we had slept on it, it was so hot, we both perspire so much, we had fungus growing out of it. So, we used it as our box spring and then had the futons made and they're wonderful.

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