How To Eat With Relatives






Eat mine raw, I don't have a problem. And with my relatives, I just say, I'm allergic. You say allergies, and nobody wants to be all responsible for allergic reaction. And my grandmother who was Jewish, me eating butter with meat or dairy with meat, that was unheard of. You have separate plates that you eat and you never have 'em at the same meal, but I was driving them crazy, eating everything raw, full of bacteria and all of that.

And then being un-kosher at the same time. And I said, "Grandma, I have allergies". Her religion went right out the window and she says, "Okay, if it's for your health, you do what you have to do". And even the rabbi that was there he said, "If it's medicinal and it works, you do it".

So, I got dispensation.

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