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Well, what they can do is they do a sonogram, they do ultrasound and they can see if there's a stone there.


So, you can ask them to do that without being in pain or being dying or whatever?


Yes, absolutely. You can go have it checked. In fact, after what I went through, if anybody has ever had any kind of difficulty urinating and it's a pattern, go have it checked because it's noninvasive, it's just an ultrasound.


But it also be caused by kidneys too?


Kidney stones. That you'd have to have surgery for that because it can't go all the way up to the urethra through the bladder and to the kidney. They have to go through microscopic surgery through the stomach, but still you want them removed because I've discovered that some skin cancer is caused by stones. Obviously in me, I started developing skin cancer. I'm constantly arresting, except for this one right here, but as soon as that stone was removed, my body's processes were restored.

That tumors started just shriveling and shrinking and drying up.

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Is that related to a prostate problem too?


Well, no. Well, if the prostate is so tight like mine was, my urethra was so small and so tight going through the prostate hat I wasn't able to empty or I probably could have emptied, but my mother taught me to be impatient, even with myself.

So, as soon as the flow was gone, I stopped the urination, and then I left about an ounce, maybe an ounce and a half of urine in my bladder, and then stones will start forming, crystals will start forming from the minerals in the urine. If most people let your urine sit in a jar for about three or four days, you'll see crystals forming at the bottom with crystals. So, that's what happens if you don't empty yourself, so be patient.





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