How To Convince People To Do Diet


convince diet




What do I do? 

Well, how do I go in there, you know how do I begin to communicate with them? 

The design that their doctors are giving them.

Yeah, they do research and so what I know about what they don't know and [unclear]

what they're doing, so I have to kind of watch myself and what I say. 

And you're working with them. 

How would you approach-


Whenever I'm dealing with a medical body like that? 

I take the facts with me.

And in one of the chapters, the very last chapter I think it is in The Recipe For Living Without Disease. 

Yeah, talks about all the universities that use raw milk to reverse diseases, and you can open their minds with that and they say oh you can reverse diabetes by drinking raw milk?

And pasteurized milk causes diabetes, you know. 

And when you've got these tests going on, you start giving them that information. 

You give them just a little bit of it at first. The weeks go by and they absorb that and they can't counter it. But it grows, starts growing like a plant in their brain.

It opens them up and then they want more and more. Some of them will just shut down.

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