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Use it for laundry. I don't use dish soap though, cleaning it with cold water, cleaning plates, everything very nicely with fish.

With chicken and beef lamb and the others that are oily and butter, just use warm water. And I use a natural sea sponge, if you use a synthetic sponge, you've got lots of contaminant particles and they get on your plates and have tendency to stick to the plate. So, the next time you eat, you're going to eat those.


What do you get a sea sponge?


If you get them from a regular health food store, they're like $7 to $15 for a sponge, but if you go to Michael's, an art shop you get them like half that price.

I use the degreaser for everything. I don't use any other soap other than the degreaser.


And what about when you live in the city and your rinse off your dishes with city water?


I suggest you dry them.


What about rinsing with like bottled water or something?


You can do that if you want. Waste of good water.

Cause there are 192 chemicals in LA water, San Diego is 161, and if you have the best filtering system in the world, there's a three filter system. You'll only filter out 1/3 of those, and those are mainly to get out the heavy metals and bacteria. I want the bacteria, the heavy metals are fine. I want to get rid of the chemicals.


They want to add more fluoridation they say.


They've already added fluoridation.


I know, but in certain cities they haven't.


Yeah, some of them are still fighting it.

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