How To Avoid Coffee - Use Vegetable Juice



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Every time you want to go for coffee, you go for a fresh vegetable juice and you get a different kind of a rush. You'll get a refreshing taste. You know, the enzymes will go in and liven the body. It'll wake it up without damaging and kicking like caffeine does.

When you have those enzymes from your fresh juice going into the system, especially if has a little bit of honey in it, it wakes the appetite, alkanalizes the blood and that's the best way to do it.

Well, coffee usually doesn't affect the liver too much: it affects the heart, it affects the brain, the kidneys, the nervous system. That's where has propensity to store, in those tissues. Usually not the liver. Some people, if they're alcoholics along with the coffee, it'll damage the liver.

Like when I was an alcoholic, I drank 11 cups of coffee a day. I had to have the coffee to get me going cause I had blood bone cancer. So, I had the coffee and benzedrine to boost me during the day, and then a fifth of gin to bring me down. Then you're gonna have some caffeine damage to the liver.

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