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Water is a solvent. When it rains it dissolves rock in the ground, plants eat. When we drink water, it starts fractionating everything, not as bad as salt and not as bad as cooking, but it starts breaking down the bacteria in the intestines, it dehydrates, it, it dries it out. It thins the mucus, it dries the mucus.

So, the whole intestinal tract stops working well. So, you become more dehydrated because the water, naturally H2O when it's utilized by a cell is ionically bound. Drinking water, there's no ion activity.

These people like Gatorade said, "We're full of electrolytes. We've got everything bound, can be absorbed." With what? When you have 93 to 117 nutrients with H2O coupled with it in a proper balance absorbing it, that's the perfect balance. Drinking water with synthesized electrolytes is not a healthy process. You're just gonna fill a cell with water that it can't use properly.


This stuff too? Even these mineral waters?


Even that.

That's why I say everybody because they've been eating cooked foods all their lives needs anywhere from a 1/2 -3/4 cup of water a day in little sips. I don't anymore. I can get away with a 1/2 cup a month, and that's about all the water I drink.

But I used to keep it down to 3/4 of cup a day and that's what I needed.

Well, milk is 82% water, meat is 55% water, but it's all electrolyte and ionically bound. You can absorb and utilize every bit of it without causing a problem.


And the green juice too?


The green juice is 92% water. Perfect, and it's got lots of ions in it. It doesn't have the protein in, it has some fat, doesn't have the protein in it, so if you get heart palpitations after drinking your first juice, you put an egg in that first juice in the day, but mostly you can eat the vegetable juice without the egg in it to help move things that weren't moving because of all the cooked foods that you've eaten and it supplies your body with lots of enzymes to get ready for digestion.

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