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Were you eating meat?


Oh yes, absolutely. Gosh. Yes, I have to cuz I wouldn't heal properly. I wouldn't have enough protein. So, I was eating somewhere around about a pound and a quarter to a pound and a half a day.


Just beef? What kind of meat?


No, I probably ate 50% chicken, about 20% fish and about 30% beef, buffalo.


I have a question about that. How you keep yourself from going into shock? How does anybody handle something like something like that, where you completely shook up and you kept your wits about you completely, but a normal person wouldn't.


Well, it's just that I made up my mind that unless I kept my witts, they were gonna do anything they wanted to me.

So, I just wouldn't allow myself to get into a state of lack of control, lack of awareness consciousness.


So, what's your normal person do if they get like bad news or a shock or something like that?


Breathe heavily. And say, hey, it's part of life. It is. It's just part of life.

I wish that I'd had a camera to shoot all this cuz it was amazing. I was shocked. I mean really, all from this whole area like this, not only the skin was gone, the muscle and part of the bone was shaved. For that to seal up in two weeks was amazing. I mean, it was still very red and tender, but some of the bone had grown back. Not all of it. It's still partially gone, and all of the muscle in the skin had grown back, even though it wasn't mature flesh yet.


Did you breathe heavy?


Oh gosh, yes. Absolutely. Deep, slow breaths.





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