How Much Honey Is Too Much



how much honey



How much would be too much honey? You said earlier- 


It depends upon the person; you have to keep an eye on it. The way you can tell is if you eat the amount of honey that you like, and you're very sleepy and very lethargic that day, then cut it out the next day and see what the next day is like. 

If you have more energy and you could do. Three days in a row with the amount of honey, three days with no honey and see what your metabolism is like, just so you see whether you're going over the top of the honey. Some people have no effect at all. It is all used for digestion.  

For some people, the body makes high sugar components from it. People who don't have a good pancreas may have a problem, but still then I tell people who have diabetes to have a half a cup of honey a day because at least it supplies them with a natural insulin like substance rather than their chemical. So, they're still gonna have more energy than they would taking the toxic chemical insulin, but if they were healthy, that amount of honey could be too much. 

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