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No. And it's from when I started welting up, the toxins started moving out through my skin, a little bit too much. Sugar stays in your body three years at four, I said, it takes 40 years to clean out every cell in your body. Five times, it takes five times. According to Pottengers and Howells work. Takes five generations to clean the body out.

Your blood takes 40 days.

The skintakes two and a half years.

Testes take two and a half years.

The bones take seven to seven and a half years to replace every cell.

You have to do that five times. Every cell in your body has to be replaced at least five times to get to the point where you're completely whole, whole, and natural and healthy.


You mean you're not replacing them with good cells yet?


You take somebody who's not well, and when they reproduce, their offspring will not be so healthy. They'll have toxins built into it.

Right. So, it takes 40 years for humans to go through that cycle, 40 years. In Howell and Pottenger's work, what they did was, as soon as the cat or rat reproduced, and the next offering was going, they would kill that animal and then perform autopsies and do tests on it to see the changes.

And it took five generations. Well, we don't have to wait five generations of our offspring. We have to wait five generations and cellular transition. It's about 40 years. And that's if you're 100%, if you're not 100%, it could take a lifetime, you know, 50, 60, 80 years, all depends. And that all depends upon how healthy you want to be.

I'm one of those who never wants to have another day of my own purposeful lack of energy and illness. I just don't want to have that. I want to see how healthy I can get and I'm only 21 years into my 40 years. So, I'm only halfway and I'm already satisfied. Even after I got my butt kicked, I still made it I'm here.

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