How Long Radiation Lasts In The Body and How To Get It Out




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So, I had the x-rays a year ago and it heavily damaged my whole body, but at one point you said the radiation gets into the minerals and whatnot and it would last for a really, really long time. And then at one point you said the electrons and stuff have dissipated, probably.

So, I wasn't clear as to how long it actually is still in the minerals or does it just sort of go?


Well, if you have, let's say uranium stored in your body, particles of uranium or iodine, any isotope in your body, it's going to constantly be radioactive for probably 55,000 years. You gonna live that long?

So, you gotta get it out of the body is basically what you have to do. From x-rays, the damage that's done in your body is highly bacterial. One x-ray is like having a hundred doses of antibiotic. That's why there's so much cancer created.


So, what is your like formula for getting rid of the x-ray?


Eating lots of orange and avocado helps that.

But lots of high meats, lots of stinky, rotten smelly foods, including cheeses. That'll get rid of it quicker, cuz you need to build your bacterial levels again.

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