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So, I'm relatively new to the raw foods diet, several months, and it's kind of a broad question, but whatever wealth of information you can help me with around economics tips.

I'm finding one of the most interesting things for me is that I don't require as much food.

So, some of the quantities that I need to buy a milk for various things, I can't finish it. Um, and how long do things last? What orders should I things, economics is part of this question too because I find it expensive.


Very expensive diet, probably most the expensive diet in the world, unless you're living on heroin.




Any general information on the food keeping longer, so that economically it's more efficient?


Well, just remember food on this side diet goes bad. The rottener that it is the more that it is predigested, no problem. Our good friend here just brought us some century eggs, bacteria deteriorated eggs. That probably was a year old cause it was as firm as a hard boiled egg in parts of it. There were green molds in there. There was gangrene in there.

There's all kinds of good bacteria. It was quite tasty wasn't it?

[Attendee #2]

It was like a gummy bear.


So, your dairy never goes bad, it just becomes cheese, dryer and dryer cheese. It does not go bad, if you want things to stay fresh you put them in glass jars.

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