How Do Companies Make Money Off Vaccines

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And I told her the truth of what I knew and then we got talking about, what I didn't know was how since getting the flu shot for free and this shot free. I didn't understand how the money was being made and you kind of touched on it earlier.


Our government gives it to the pharmaceutical houses.


And then we pay it through our taxes?


Our taxes pay for it.


Because my one friend's argument was, "Well, the flu shot's free". He said, "What do you mean, they're not making any money"? And I, I said, "No, there has to be way they're making money. Believe me". So, it's all our tax money.


You have to understand that corporations pay less and less tax every year that a Republican is in office.

Every year it gets less and less, and they give a lot of rebates, literally rebates to companies for employing a lot of people. So, some of these companies are getting money and not even paying a dime of tax. They're actually being paid by our government. So, this is all in the system.

If you've got connections in Congress, you're in, especially if you got 'em in the white house and our little guy in white house is just robbing the till.


And when it comes to immunizing your child and you take them to the doctor, we need paid for that, right? The parents pay for those shots.


Yeah, the family pays for those shots.


But like things like the flu shots and all that?


The ones that our government says, "We're paying for this and we're gonna give it to you, I'm gonna do you a service".

Sure they are.





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