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Many variables, but I think that you should. My publisher, he says, if you didn't look this healthy, I'd never published your books. The main reason he did was, he found a copy of my manuscript and sent it to his brother who had had a sleeping disorder since he was 6 years old, and he was 23 at the time, my publisher was 25 at the time he gave my manuscript to his brother and said, "Try this diet and see. Lots of people do well", and this is before he published the book, just some kid who was just an entrepreneur, produced his first film at 25 years old and, you know, scabs of money. This kid was brilliant. 

Never went to college, brilliant kid. So, he's sent his brother, his brother did the diet, five days later, they broke the door down to his room cause they thought he committed suicide cause they didn't hear him for five hours. Asleep. First time he'd slept more than 20 minutes since he was 6 years old, he never went into REM. 

He never got a deep sleep, so was antisocial, homicidal, suicidal, everything, and the father had spent well over six figures in doctor bills, psychologist, psychiatrist, every medication, nothing worked, this diet did it. The father went to his desk, wrote a check for $75,000 and sent to his son, and said published this book. 

That's how the book got published. 

But he still didn't believe the bacteria, so he wouldn't let me say the bacteria was good. Now he lets me do anything.  


Aajonus, I don't think anybody who's been on the diet for more than 3, 4 or 5 years and doubts at this point, like myself, how good this really is. 

I really don't. I think all of us find it really great. We're not here to argue with other people about it, especially Sally Fallon or anybody else. I get people who come over and call me, and they want to get into an argument about it. I'm just like- 


Can't, there's no arguing. 

You have to experience it. You either experience it or you don't. 

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