How Aajonus Used To Make Coconut Cream

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What's the plan if you do get that machine? You're just gonna make somebody set up a little cottage to make producing it from people in.


James will be setting that up now.

Before we had that, the company making the coconut cream for us, what I did was I took a 3 x 5 card and put it up at a high school gym and I put "Need somebody likes to break things, $8 an hour". I got lots of calls, I just chose the African American on the football team with lots of energy, and I'd had him juice about 8 - 10 coconuts for me about every 5 - 6 weeks.

If you preserve it like I instruct in the Recipe Book with lime juice, it'll last for that long because that's a grueling job breaking the coconut, prying out, chopping it, cutting it up, putting it through the juicer, that's time consuming, a lot of work.


Fermented coconuts.


All those coconuts are even better, they work better, they're just not enjoyable. Yeah, it's even better. It'll clean you quicker.


Moldy coconuts.


Well, that's a little too much detoxification.

These are huge machines. They're about 15, 18 grand each and they've gotta have three of them for the process. So, they're industrial grade. These are industrial big machines, these are heavy duty industrial.





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